A Look at Basic and Advanced Security Features at Self-Storage Facilities

When you choose to place items in a self-storage unit away from home, it is ever-important to ensure that your property will be secure. Choosing a secure unit is all about getting familiar with the different levels of security that different places have to offer. Here is a look at the basic and more advanced levels of security you may find at local storage facilities near you. 

Basic Security Features 

The majority of self-storage facilities will have at least a few basic security measures beyond just locks on the doors of each unit. Most companies want to have a secure property because it looks more attractive to prospective storage customers. People storing their general belongings will most often opt for a storage facility that offers the most basic security implements because they don't intend to store items prone to theft. Some of the more basic levels of security at these businesses will include things like:

  • A perimeter fence around the entire business property 
  • Gated access that requires an entry code or a scanned customer ID card to enter
  • Business managers on-site during the operational hours of business  
  • Surveillance systems covering the entry points of the business

Advanced Security Features 

Advanced security features are going to be a little more high-end, and you may pay just a bit more for a rented unit because of it. However, the level of peace of mind that can come along with these advanced features can be well worth the price paid. Advanced security is also pertinent if you plan to store especially valuable items in a unit, such as collectibles, antiques, or something else that could be prone to theft like business inventory, new furniture, or name-brand clothing. A few advanced security features include things like: 

  • Security alarms installed on individual storage units 
  • 24/7 security guards watching over the property and the access points
  • Video surveillance that covers all areas and all units 
  • Solid security fencing around the perimeter with barbed-wire tops or other protective measures

Contact a Self-Storage Facility and Ask About Security 

The levels of security can vary drastically from one storage facility to the next, even though the majority of these businesses do have at least a few basic security features. Don't hesitate to give services like North Star Mini Storage a call to find out more about how they keep stored property secure. They can further explain their options before you make your final choice.