Using A Storage Unit For Your Items

Self storage rental units can provide some of the most effective options for efficiently storing your items. Whether you are renting one of these units for the first time or have been renting one for years, there are some strategies that can be used.

Minimize The Risk Of Losing Your Key

It is common for individuals to have to provide their own locks for their storage units. When you are picking out a lock for your unit, you may want to avoid locks that require keys. Due to the fact that you are unlikely to need to visit the storage unit on a regular basis, it can be easy to accidentally lose your key. This can lead to major problems as you will need to have a locksmith visit the property to release the lock or you will have to cut it off. Using a combination lock can avoid this problem, but you will want to be sure to have multiple copies of the combination so that you avoid forgetting it.

Consider Using Shelving In The Unit

Organizing the interior of a storage unit is essential for maximizing the space that is available to you. Adding simple shelving to the unit can make it much easier to utilize all of the storage space that is available. Shelving can make it easier to get the most out of the unit, but you will need to avoid exceeding the weight limit of the shelves. Otherwise, they could collapse and damage the items that are being kept on them.

Know Whether The Items Being Stored Are Sensitive To Heat And Humidity

If the items that you are storing could potentially be damaged by intense heat or moisture, it is vital to keep them in a climate controlled unit. Standard storage units can experience temperature extremes and high humidity levels, which can lead to the items in the unit rapidly degrading. Climate controlled storage units will allow for a custom temperature and humidity level to be set for the unit so that these items can be safely stored for long periods of time.

Thoroughly Clean Any Clothing Or Other Fabrics Before Storing Them

Clothing items can be some of the most common items to store. However, these garments should always be thoroughly washed before they are placed into storage. This will eliminate bed bugs, dust and other issues that could damage the clothes while they are being stored. Also, this will reduce the risk of the clothes having a musty odor when you remove