Tips For Storing Your Car In A Storage Facility For The Winter

If you're planning to take an extended vacation over the winter and flying to your destination, you may be worried about leaving your car behind if you can't park it in your garage. Rather than leave it in your driveway to draw interest from criminals, consider renting storage space for your car. You'll have peace of mind your vehicle will be safe and sound while you're away. This is important no matter what kind of car you have, but it is especially important if your car is valuable. Here are some things to know about renting storage space for your car.

Types Of Car Storage

The most basic type of car storage is to just park your car on the storage lot. It will be protected by a fence but still exposed to the elements. A better option is to rent a parking space under a roof outdoors or in a parking garage. This gives your car protection from the rain and sun. The most expensive type of car storage is to rent a personal unit for your car that's just like having your own garage. This keeps your car protected from the elements when the unit is climate-controlled, and it keeps your car safe from criminals too.

Requirements For Storing A Car

You'll need to find a storage facility that accepts vehicles and has designated spaces for parking them. You'll need to make sure the car is properly registered and is street-ready or on a trailer. The storage facility probably won't accept the car if you can't prove that it's yours by showing the registration and your identification, or if it doesn't have current tags. However, you'll want to check with the facility to learn their specific requirements for storing your vehicle on their lot.

Preparation That's Needed

It's a good idea to clean your car inside and outside before putting it in storage. Any food crumbs in it might attract rodents if you keep your car parked outside. You don't want to return to find rodents living in your car. Plus, you'll appreciate picking up the car and finding it in pristine shape and ready to drive. Have your mechanic check the car and tell him or her you plan to put it in storage for a few months. The mechanic may want to top off fluids, fill the tires, and make sure your car is in good shape to stay idle for a few months. Don't forget to remove all of your personal items from the glove box and trunk. Be sure to lock your car even if it is left in an indoor unit.

Knowing your car is dry and secure in a storage facility, like Ship Creek Storage, will relieve your worry so you can relax and enjoy your winter vacation. You won't have to worry about a winter storm blowing a tree limb on your car or car thieves stealing it. When you return from your vacation in the spring, you can get your car out of storage and it should be ready for the road if you have it serviced before you put it in storage.