Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Storage Unit

Many families use the arrival of springtime to clean out their homes and vehicles, as well as begin working in the yard. If you're putting together a to-do list before spring arrives, you might wish to also plan to spend some time in your storage unit. If you store possessions in a self-storage facility, you might not visit much over the winter months. This can mean that the arrival of spring serves as a good opportunity to roll the door up on your unit and see what you can do to keep the space organized. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Get Rid Of What You Don't Need To Keep

If it's been several months since you browsed through your storage unit, you may feel that it's easier to part with some of the possessions that you couldn't part with in the past. By now, you should have an idea of what items you haven't retrieved since moving them into storage. For certain items, this can mean that there's little value in keeping them — and, in fact, they might be taking up useful space inside your unit. Depending on the nature of the items, you may wish to sell them online or in a yard sale, donate them, or simply throw them out.

Clean Up Any Messes

The springtime is a valuable opportunity to clean any messes inside your storage unit. For example, if you retrieved some Christmas decorations last December and knocked over a box in doing so — and didn't bother fixing the problem because you were in a rush — you can tend to the issue now. You may wish to take some new boxes to the unit to replace any boxes that are worn or torn, as well as a broom to sweep away any dirt that you've tracked into the unit during previous visits. A microfiber cloth will also be valuable to removing dust from furniture and other stored items.

Reorganize Your Items

Once you've removed some of your unneeded items, now is a perfect opportunity to better reorganize your storage unit's contents. Doing so will make each future visit easier for you. If there's space, consider taking some shelves on which to pile boxes. You may also wish to go through unlabeled boxes and note their contents with a permanent marker on the exterior of the box. If you loaded the storage unit hastily, you can take a little time now to pack the space more efficiently, which will allow you to move more things into the space as needed.

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