Simple Security Precautions That Will Protect Your Storage Containers

Portable containers have quickly become one of America's favorite storage solutions. These units are quickly and easily delivered by providers and can be placed almost anywhere the renter desires. These factors, combined with their reasonable rates, make containers an ideal solution for storing almost anything.

However, as with any storage solution, it is important for renters to take precautions to protect their possessions. Portable containers come equipped with a number of security features, but that does not remove responsibility from the renter to utilize their own measures. Below are a list of several security precautions that will help keep your stored goods safe and sound.

Use Secure Door Locks

Portable storage containers come equipped with either roll-up doors or conventional swinging double-doors, and they usually have padlock attachment points welded to the doors and portals. However, it is your responsibility as a renter to provide the locks that secure the doors.

There are a countless number of padlocks available to buy, but you should focus your efforts on buying locks with certain features:

  1. Shackle Shrouds - These covers protect the shackles by making it difficult for a would-be burglar to use bolt cutters or a saw to cut through them. Some padlocks allow you to add shrouds separately, but most come with them as an integral part of the lock.

  2. High-Strength Alloy Case - The body of the lock itself should be made of a strong metal that is difficult to penetrate with a drill or saw. While sheer weight of the lock alone isn't sufficient to judge its strength, it should have considerable "'heft."

  3. Sophisticated Core - The area where the key inserts is known as the core, and it needs to be a restrictive design that prevents easy lock picking. If a lock is advertised as having high-security pins made of hardened steel, for example, these are indicators of a strong core.

Keep Containers in Well-Lit, Secure Areas

Just because a portable container can be placed almost everywhere does not mean it should be placed indiscriminately. It doesn't make sense to keep a storage container in some areas, so be sure to keep your containers in safe and sound locations with these characteristics:

  1. Fenced-in, Secured Area - Whenever possible, storage containers should be kept within fenced-in spaces that are secured by locked gates. Even better, provide additional internal security measures that can deter criminals such as watch dogs or alarm systems.

  2. Bright Lighting - Since most burglars hate well-lit targets, keeping storage containers in areas where lighting is abundant and bright will deter most thieves. Be sure to avoid creating shadows, though, to prevent someone from hiding around the side or back of units. Spread the lighting out to provide overall, even coverage of the containers.

Don't Advertise What Is Inside

Another security measure that can help protect storage containers from would-be burglars is keeping the contents confidential. Don't provide any help to thieves who are looking for a high-dollar "score;" instead, keep them guessing by not giving out any obvious clues.

For example, do not mark containers with easily identified labels that immediately give away the contents. Instead, use coded labels that can be compared to a confidential index or key known only to certain people.

Know What and What Not to Store

Storage containers can hold almost anything, but there is nothing wrong with acknowledging that certain goods are better kept elsewhere. Valuables such as precious metals, jewelry, and firearms are better kept in safes or stationary locking cabinets, for example. If a storage container is to be used for securing these types of items, then at least keep the container inside a secured facility such as a warehouse or large garage.

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