Storing Your Hot Wheels Sto-N-Go Sets

Hot Wheels Sto-N-Go play sets were quite the rage back in the 70's and 80's. Today, they have become a hot commodity that fetches a very nice return. If you still have your Sto-N-Go set or are lucky enough to find one at a fair price, it is important that it is stored properly to protect it from getting destroyed during its storage. Here, you will learn a few tips that can help you protect the set and your investment.

Clean it Up

You always want to store things when they are clean. Storing your Sto-N-Go while it's dirty will cause it to become discolored.

Give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth. If you notice marker or crayon markings, put a few drops of Goo-Gone on a cloth and wipe the trouble spots. This cleaner will remove even permanent marker from plastic surfaces. If it doesn't come off easily, apply a coat of the cleaner with a q-tip and let it sit for an hour or so. When you return, it should wipe right off with minimal effort.

Lubricate the metal workings of the set. The dynamometer on the Service Center will seize if you don't lubricate the parts inside and they become rusted.

Let the set dry completely before you close it up.

Pack it Up

Now that it is clean and dry, it's time to pack it up. Although this is a big item and would store nicely without being boxed, it is best to store this type of item inside a box. This will protect it from dust, dirt, insects, and rodents. Try to find a box that fits it snuggly. If the box is too big, stuff some crumbled packing paper in the box – don't use newspaper or the ink will rub off onto the set.

Store it Right

The best storage conditions for a set such as this is a climate-controlled setting. Heat and humidity will destroy the set because the plastic will become brittle, the metal parts will rust, and the stickers will begin to curl and peel.

If you don't have a place in your home to store this set, you can rent a small storage unit that is climate-controlled for very little each month. Surely, you can find a few other things around your home that need to be stored in a climate-controlled setting to help fill up the storage space.

The way that you pack and store your Sto-N-Go set will determine the condition in which it comes out of storage in. Take your time and do it right and when you retrieve it, it will be as good as it is the day you put it in.

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