5 Benefits Of Using Self Storage Units For Camping Supplies

It's often surprising to see how much stuff you actually need when planning a camping trip. Tents, sleeping bags, cooking supplies, and recreational accessories can often lead to a truck-full of surprises. In between your camping trips, you need a place to keep all of these items and a storage unit is typically an ideal solution. Using a storage unit for your camping gear and supplies has many benefits. Along with keeping the unit year-round and having easy access to supplies, there are five additional advantages. Browse these benefits and see how a storage unit can change your camping experience.

Hanging Objects

After a camping trip, you may have damp and dirty items like tarps, blankets, or clothes. A storage unit rental has the space to run a clothesline or rack for hanging items up. This allows the items to fully dry and remain in the unit until you're ready for your next camping trip. Hanging up the items and letting them air out can also eliminate any bugs or eggs that been tried to stay in them.

Tent Set-Up

A rolled and folded tent can become musty when you set it back up for your camping trip. Instead of dealing with the smell, you can purchase a storage unit with enough space to set up and air out a tent. A few weeks before the camping trip, you can set up the tent and ensure that it is clean. When the tent is set up in a unit, it makes it easier to sweep or clean with a potable vacuum. After leaving the tent set up for multiple days, the musty smell will go away and you can enjoy your camping experience a lot more.

Storing Air Mattresses

When setting up for camp, one of the biggest hassles is constantly filling up air mattresses that are used for sleeping. With a storage unit, you can easily keep the air mattresses filled and leaning up against a wall. With a truck or van, it's easy to transport the inflated air mattresses directly to the camp site at the start of your trip. You can use this same process for other camping inflatables that you may have. This includes river tubes, swimming floats, or an inflatable cooler.

Drying Out Firewood

The key to a successful camp fire is using dry firewood that has been getting seasoned for multiple months. The wood burns cleaner, creates less ash, and is actually lighter to carry. One of the easiest ways to get dry firewood is by storing it inside a storage unit. Units have plenty of space to stack wood and have it ready for multiple camping trips. The use of a storage unit can also help you save money by giving you the space to purchase bulk collections of firewood. You can save on the wholesale price and have plenty of wood for multiple camping trips. The unit storage will not only help the wood dry out, but it can provide a safe haven from creatures like snakes and spiders.

Storage Unit Locations

Instead of renting a storage unit near your home, you can get more use out of a storage unit located near your favorite campground or location. This makes it easy to leave for the trip and have access to all of your camping gear within minutes of the unit. If you forgot to bring something to the campsite, it's easy to drive over to the unit and pick it up instead of going all the way home or purchasing new items. Once the trip is over, you can easily pull up to the unit and unload all of the items. When you finally arrive home, there will be little to unpack as you unwind from the fun trip.

Unit prices vary on size and the duration of your rental. It's a good idea to see how much camping equipment you own before making a decision on the unit size you want to rent. For more information, talk to a company like National Self Storage - Denver.