Moving Into A Storage Unit: 3 Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

If you have too much clutter at home, you should consider renting a storage unit like the 9.5% of all other American households. A storage unit for all of the items that you do not use frequently can help you not only organize and remove clutter in your home, but also free up more space. Packing up and moving everything to a storage unit can take some time. In fact, some people would say that it's a chore. To make your life easier, consider following these 3 tips.

Install Rubber Non-Slip Mats Ahead of Time

Your storage unit floor will likely be made from concrete. Not only does the surface of concrete encourage slipping, but impact from any items that fall onto its surface can easily damage the items. You'll have a much easier time moving everything into your storage unit if you install rubber non-slip mats ahead of time. The rubber non-slip mats prevent things that are stored from sliding around, as it offers more traction and grip than concrete, and also acts as a cushion for anything that may fall. In fact, rubber non-slip mats are highly recommended for those who are looking to earthquake proof their self storage unit.

There are plenty of different types of non-slip mats available. Look for ones that are a bit on the thicker side, as they tend to offer more cushioning. Consider cleaning the floors before you install the rubber non-slip mats to ensure that the mats stay put.

Determine Where Different Types of Items Will Go

Instead of piling everything into the self storage unit, take a good look at the amount of space that you'll have, and section off areas that will be designated to storing different types of items. For example, consider storing all seasonal items for holidays in one corner and unused china or silverware in another. By determining where everything will go ahead of time, you'll know which containers or furniture should be moved or packed first.

When sectioning off your storage unit, make sure you create aisles that you can walk down. This will make finding items that you'll need in the future an easier task. You'll also be able to reach the boxes that you want without having any obstacles in your way.

Put Metal Brackets in Place and Bring Nylon Ropes

Once you have determined where everything will go, you should also consider anchoring everything down. You can anchor tall furniture down with metal brackets and tie containers or boxes down with nylon ropes to prevent them from shifting. Instead of having to install the metal brackets on the day you move the furniture into the self storage unit, consider measuring your furniture ahead of time, so that you can anchor the metal brackets to the wall first. This way, all you have to do is fasten your furniture in place once it has been properly positioned.

If you intend on securing boxes and containers with nylon ropes, make sure you install several metal loops to the ground, or the rubber non-slip mats, or to the walls. This way, all you'll have to do is hook the nylon ropes in place on the day everything is getting moved into the storage unit.


Getting everything into your storage unit in an organized fashion will be a piece of cake if you just do a little bit of preparation ahead of time. You and anyone else that might be helping you will save a lot of time. There will also be fewer complications. You also won't have to go through the hassle of figuring out how to secure everything down at a later time when you'll have to maneuver around mountains of stacked boxes and containers. 

Keep these tips in mind and talk with local storage facilities, such as Glenbrook Self Storage, for more information and options for protecting your unit.