5 Reasons To Rent A Self-Storage Unit While Pregnant

If you are pregnant, then you may be excitedly planning for the arrival of your baby by renovating your home and gathering all of your necessary baby supplies. Before your home gets overrun with packages, gifts, and half-assembled baby furniture, you might want to think about renting a storage space. There are several reasons that a pregnant woman will benefit from extra storage space before giving birth and during the first year of her baby's life. 

Keep Shower Gifts Out of the Way

Most modern baby showers include 6-25 guests, and many women have more than one shower. This means that there is a possibility that you will have many gifts to sort through. While these gifts may be useful once your baby is born, they will likely clutter your home while you are figuring out where to keep them. A small storage unit helps you to keep the gifts out of your way during your last months of pregnancy, allowing to enjoy your home as an adult space for a few more months. You can then sort through the gifts a few at a time, finding places for them in your home. 

Finish Your Nursery at Your Own Pace

If you are converting an office or spare bedroom into a nursery, a self storage unit will give you a place to keep the items that were in the room while you paint and decorate the nursery. This way you can get your belongings out of the nursery and start working on it and decide what to do with your old items later. 

It also gives you a safe space to store new items, such as a crib or changing table, until you are done decorating the nursery and are ready to move the furniture into the room. 

Store Items Until Your Baby Is Ready For Them 

If you have family or friends who have children slightly older than yours, they may offer you clothes, toys, and gear for your baby. However, you may find that you have items, like a high chair, that your baby will not use for the first six months of their life. A storage unit gives you a place to organize and store these items so you can easily access them as your child grows up. To make your storage most effective, you may want to sort items by 3-month increments. For example, items your baby will need from 0-3, 3-6, and 6-9 months should all be in separate, well-marked containers. 

Store Items As Your Baby Finishes With Them 

You may be surprised how quickly your baby outgrows their clothing and accessories. For instance, you may find that your baby needs a new set of larger bottles after three months or they only use their lounge chair until they are six months old. A storage unit gives you space to keep the items your baby outgrows until you can decide whether you want to sell them, donate them to a charity, or give them to a friend or family member. This can reduce the number of decisions you have to make while your baby is young, allowing you to focus on your baby instead of what you will do with their outgrown possessions. 

Store Your Items that Could Be Dangerous for Your Baby 

As your baby learns to crawl and eventually walk, you may find many items around your home that are not safe for your baby. A storage unit allows you to easily store these items out of the way until your baby is old enough to avoid them. 

Getting a storage unit can be a good idea as a soon-to-be-parent. It can also make a good shower gift for a mother-to-be. For more information, check out websites like http://www.northstarministorage.com.