3 Things To Know About Operating A Business Out Of A Self-Storage Unit

If you recently started a business and are running it out of your house, you may find that it is very difficult to work from home. While running a business out of your house can be the cheapest way to begin, it is not always the best way. Running your business out of a self-storage unit is another affordable way to run a small business, but it is nicer because you can keep the business separate from your personal life. Here are three things to know about running a business from a self-storage facility.

Find A Facility That Allows This

Before you rush out and rent a storage unit, talk to the owner of the facility to find out if this facility allows renters to use the space for business purposes. Some owners of storage facilities do allow this and may actually encourage it, while others do not allow people to do this. You will need to first of all locate a facility that will let you do this.

When you locate one that will allow this, make sure you visit the center to see how the building looks. You may also want to see how convenient it is to get into the unit and how easy it would be for customers to locate you there.

Find One That Offers The Things You Need

If you start looking at self-storage units, you are likely to find a lot of different types. Some of these units might be ideal for your business headquarters, while others may not be. Because of the differences in units and needs of business owners, you will have to find a unit that offers the things you need. If you look around, you are likely to find one that offers the following things:

  • Climate-controlled atmosphere – Unless the weather is perfect in your geographical location all year round, you will probably want a facility that offers heating and cooling.
  • Electric – Most units have a light, but that may be all they have. There are other units, though, that may have electrical outlets and multiple sets of lights.
  • Wi-Fi – In addition, you may need the Internet for your business. If so, finding a facility that offers Wi-Fi access will be vital for your business.
  • Security and safety – You may also notice that some units don't have any types of security measures in place, while others do. If you are going to have a business in the facility and expect customers to visit your business, finding one that is safe and secure may be important to you.

You can compare other features of units, too, and the best way to do this is by visiting several facilities in your area.

Understand The Benefits This Offers

One of the nice parts about using a storage unit for a business is that it is affordable. The rent you will pay will most likely be less than you would pay if you had rented commercial space. In addition, all the extra features will be included in your price. In other words, you will not have to pay an extra heating bill, Internet bill, or electric bill. Everything will be included in your monthly fee for the unit.

The second benefit is you do not have to trap yourself in a long-term commitment. Many storage facilities allow customers to rent units on a monthly basis. If your business does not work out after a few months, you will not be tied to a contract of any kind with the storage facility.

While running a business out of a storage unit might not be ideal for all types of businesses, it might be a good option for you. To learn more about this, contact a self-storage facility in your area or click here for more information.